Affordable Housing

Tricia believes that all New Yorkers have a right to safe and affordable housing. Affordable should stay affordable for good, and our community needs additional units at every income level. Tricia will work to close affordable housing loopholes, increase the number of units at every income level, and identify new programs that help residents stay in their homes. 



Transportation should be efficient, reliable, affordable, accessible, and humane. Safety on our streets and sidewalks should be a top priority, and our community needs stronger enforcement of transportation rules related to cars, cyclists, delivery bikes, and any other motorized mode of transportation.  Our public transportation system is the vital lifeblood of our city, and we have neglected this resource for far too long.  Tricia will fight for a unified and diverse transportation network consisting of local and express buses, reliable subway service, and expanded ferry network. Tricia will also push for accessibility improvements and ensure that our public transportation serves all New Yorkers, regardless of ability level.  

Parks and Open Space

The Upper East Side has some of the least amount of open space per resident population in the entire City of New York. Our parks and open spaces are vital resources to our community, and we need to preserve the open spaces we have while also identifying new types of open space to turn over to the public. Tricia will work to create a dedicated association to raise funds for Ruppert Park and will advocate for funding to redesign both Ruppert Park and John Jay Park to fully utilize and enjoy these great spaces. Tricia will also continue to fight for year round public use of the Queensboro Oval and will work to identify new areas for open space throughout the district. 



New York families deserve quality education that meets the needs of their children. As a former school social worker, Tricia understands the importance of providing enriching educational programming to our children at an early age. Tricia will fight for additional Pre-K seats in our neighborhood, funding for programming serving children with unique learning and developmental needs, and additional services to help guide families through the process of high school and college applications. Tricia will also advocate for the creation of new Community Schools in the district, and the development of new civic engagement programming in elementary, middle, and high schools to inspire young people to consider careers in public service and to identify internships working in local government. 


 Each day, New York City is at risk of losing more of our sunlight, air quality, and affordability to luxury developers looking to build high and dense in our neighborhoods. Additionally, our small business owners who make invaluable contributions to the character of our community are finding it harder to keep their doors open, as they face steeper rents from greedy landlords. As a City Council Member, Tricia would introduce legislation to address dangerous flaws in the current zoning laws, including "hollow space" or "mechanical void" loophole, and work to create a commission to review the city's zoning resolution. Tricia would also create a "Legacy Business Preservation" program that will support local businesses and offer protections against being pushed out of communities.    


East River Esplanade

 The East River Esplanade is one of the most important open spaces in the community and provides visitors unique and unparalleled views of the East River. Unfortunately, the esplanade is in desperate need of infrastructure repairs and should be protected and enhanced for generations to come. Tricia will advocate for additional esplanade funding to expand access to potable water, continued study of the structural integrity of the entire esplanade and funding for topside enhancements including a map system and additional plantings.  


Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a special and unique community within the 5th City Council District. Anchored by the Four Freedoms Park and the new Cornell Tech Campus, Roosevelt Island continues to receive an increasing number of visitors and interested individuals and families looking to move to the Island. It is imperative for elected officials to work together to preserve housing affordability and expand transportation options for Roosevelt Islanders. Tricia will fight on behalf of local residents and local businesses to make the Island affordable and accessible to all, including advocating for additional ferry routes connecting Roosevelt Island to other areas of New York City and establishing housing clinics to inform residents and businesses about their rights.  Additionally, Tricia will work to identify new and established organizations to bring low-cost educational programming to the island, and will fight to make Roosevelt Island more storm resilient using native plants and other natural barriers.

Quality of Life and Other Concerns

 Our neighborhood needs a strong advocate who puts our community needs first - particularly those that affect our quality of life and the safety of our neighborhoods. Tricia will call for an immediate stop in operations of the Marine Transfer Station and will call for a study to consider the repurposing of the MTS to be used as an emergency response unit for both fire and police needs along the East River. She will invest in the creation of an online database for empty storefronts and push for the reinstatement of a Vendor Commission. She will call for an audit of the 3-1-1  system to better understand how community concerns are addressed and will work with neighborhood associations, tenant groups, community boards, and other stakeholders to find other meaningful legislative solutions that meet the needs of our community.