In the News

Advocating for affordable housing

..."I highly recommend putting in affordable housing units whether you're mandated to or not..." said board member Tricia Shimamura. "I don't think I could support something unless it had a residential affordable housing component to it." - Crain's New York, March 29, 2019 

This meeting was also covered in Our Town NY, April 2, 2019

Working to improve our parks

As co-chair of the Parks Committee for Manhattan Community Board 8, Tricia worked to connect stakeholders and rally behind a unified redesign for John Jay Park. Our Town NY, September 11, 2018

Calling for accessibility in our transit systems

 ...“While we’re very excited about the opening of the ferry, nobody’s thrilled with 96th Street being the only accessible entrance,” said Tricia Shimamura, co-chair of CB8’s Parks Committee. “Right now, it certainly doesn’t provide equal access, and it’s absolutely unfair that it is not accessible." - Our Town NY, August 21, 2018.